Taking Care

We finish our indoor products with a series of nitrocellulose lacquer finishing coats. Nitrocellulose is a natural fibre found in woody plants. We have selected this finish for its excellent clarity and depth, as well as its heat, water, solvent, acid and alkali resistance.

The finishing coat, as with any finishing coat, can deteriorate. The main causes of deterioration are exposure to strong light (especially sunlight); oxidation and physical abuse with rough or excessively hot objects. There are both passive and active measures that can be taken to protect your investment:

Passive Measures

Place furniture away from direct sunlight or very powerful lights. Use coasters, placemats and hot pads. Do not use plastic mats for long periods of time as the plastic may stick to the finish and damage it.

Active Measures

Application of good furniture wax or polish. This will help prevent objects damaging the finish and will give it a beautiful sheen that helps bring out the depth and colour of the wood. Apply enough wax to thinly cover the surface. As it dries (the sheen becomes dull) wipe off the excess and buff with a clean cloth until a lovely sheen is achieved. Thereafter keep the finish clean as required with a soft cloth or duster. If the sheen dulls, re buff without wax. You should only need to re apply wax every few months.

Outdoor furniture is finished with oil that can be re-applied once or twice a year.