The Bridge Dining Table

Another timeless design by Richard Lowe, the Bridge Dining Room Table was inspired by the magnificent Victoria Falls Bridge. With its beautifully elegant curve this table is a true collector's piece. The bridge dining Table is crafted exclusively from Zambezi Teak, the finest furniture wood in the world. Exceptionally beautiful, with a delightfully figured rich Red Gold grain, it is one of the hardest and most durable timbers on Earth. Zambezi Teak is a natural resource that can only be harvested responsibly in small quantities from strictly controlled forests in the vicinity of Victoria Falls, which makes it exceedingly scarce and sought after. With revenue from sales, Savanna Wood protect these wonderful forests. Red Gold products utilize the most valuable A grade timber from the heartwood of the Zambezi teak to produce a true collector's item that will increase in value over time.





3m (10 feet)

1.1m (3 foot 8")


2.4m (8 feet)

1m (3 foot 3")


2m (6 foot 5")

1m (3 foot 3")

Please note: we offer special prices for wholesale or large orders.