At Savannah Wood, our selection of tables for the home and boardroom allows you to discover the pleasure of Zambesi Teak, the finest furniture wood in the world,. Classic and elegant, with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour our tables are designed and shaped by craftsmen. Built to last, they grow more beautiful with time, age and daily use. We're proud of each and every table that leaves our store.

  • Our tables are solid hardwood full thickness right through. Other manufacturers will have a slim top with a false border around it make it look thicker than it is.
  • We offer our tables in 40, 50 or 60 mm thick tops.
  • Built very ruggedly from some of the hardest wood in the world, these tables will last forever!
  • Our knock-down design allows for very cost effective freight charges.
  • Round tables available in Matetsi or Ngwezi design. Square in Matetsi or Shangani. Please enquire for drawings or other info.

Whether you are looking for a boardroom or dining room table to seat 6, 8 or even 20 people, you are sure to find the right table for your needs and style at Savanna Wood.