Bedside Table

An attractive and practical bedside pedestal. The draw is beautifully constructed with through dovetail and stopped dovetail joints, a skill lost to modern furniture makers but carefully nurtured at Savanna Wood to produce a product of unique quality.

The drawer box is assembled with dovetail joints that are perfect for drawer construction as they will not be pulled apart by years of opening and closing the drawers, as tends to happen with commercially or less professionally constructed drawers that are made of stained softwood with plywood bases nailed together. This entire piece is made of probably the finest timber utilised anywhere in the world to make furniture, extremely hard with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour. Zambezi Teak is a very dense, and therefore hard, wood. It is sometimes mistaken for Asian, Indian or Indonesian teak, which is a completely different species. Our Zambezi Teak is very much harder and more difficult to work. However, because it is so hard it is extremely resistant to biological attack and physical ware and tare, and will last, if looked after, for many hundreds of years. Savanna Wood furniture is designed by professionals to give a uniquely attractive product. The style reflects the massive strength and enhances the beautiful grain and colouring of the timber used. None of our products are stained and filled to hide blemishes or poor workmanship. We prefer the character of a beautiful, honest piece of furniture lovingly and painstakingly fashioned by hand.


Bedside Table

Bedside cupboard

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