Guarantee Terms

Savanna Wood products are created from timber harvested from natural, sustainable forests or reclaimed sources. As such they will contain natural imperfections such as knots, stress cracks and so on that enhance their attraction and authenticity. Great care is taken during timber selection and construction to ensure that these natural characteristics will not compromise the structural integrity of a Savanna Wood piece. Solid wood naturally oxidises and darkens with age. Zambezi teak in particular will change from a beautiful light honey brown to a darker rich red brown colour on exposure to light. We call this magnificent product 'Red Gold' because of the superb intrinsic value of the timber and the magnificent colour it achieves.

All natural solid wood expands and contracts with variations in ambient humidity. Savanna Wood products are designed to allow for this natural movement.

Savanna Wood reserve the right to alter or discontinue designs at our own discretion.

Savanna Wood products are made of solid African hardwood throughout the construction. However, this makes some pieces very heavy and great care must be taken in handling these pieces. Savanna Wood will not be responsible from injury or death while furniture is being handled or moved. Because the timber is so dense, it can be quite brittle and chip, and Savanna Wood will not be responsible for such chips or cracks resulting from poor handling.

Our products, with the exception of chairs, stools, folding tables, furniture used for commercial purposes and outdoor furniture, carry a 15 year warranty against construction flaws. However, any miss handling or inappropriate use of the product will invalidate this warranty. The warranty does not apply to components supplied by Savanna Wood that are fitted into or on components from another supplier, the client or to a building. We will supply you with our suggested care and maintenance guidelines to ensure life-long enjoyment of your furniture. However we cannot be held responsible for repairing / replacing this product if these guidelines are not adhered to.

Prices quoted include delivery to the nearest Savanna Wood outlet. Onward delivery can be arranged with an independent service provider at the client's cost. The client is responsible for payment to the service provider, and Savanna Wood will not be responsible for any damage once the service provider has taken delivery of the product.

Savanna Wood will not in any circumstances be liable for any claim which falls outside the scope of our warranty or for any consequential damages whatsoever.